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Recordings: Programmes in Northwest UK

Burnley, UK:

“‘Only’ and ‘Also'” (17 March 2017 | Masjid Farooq-e-Azam) [70’ 51″]:

“Weakened Yaqeen” (18 March 2017 | Masjid Sajideen) [54′ 43″]:


Blackburn, UK

“Fighting against Sins” (18 March 2017 | Masjid al-Hidayah) [39′ 54″]:

Historical, Intellectual, and Spiritual study of Islam by Shaykh Professor Kamaluddin (slideshow recordings)

Day 1:-
Morning Session: Approaches to “The Study of Islam”; Where to begin?; Doubts and questions about belief system
Afternoon Session: Freewill and Predestination; Nature vs. Nurture; Muslim by birth or by choice?; Creation of Humanity; and so on

Day 2:-
Morning Session: Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan; Land Reforms; Interest (Riba’) and Islamic Banking
Afternoon Session: The Spiritual Path; Concepts – I’tidal and Ihtiyat; Training; Practice

Annual Winter Course 2016

Recorded slideshows are now available on our YouTube channel. Last year’s (detailed) course offering is available here.


Featured: I’tikaf 1437H/2016 Recordings

Kindly visit I’tikaf 2016 recordings page.

Main post-‘Asr Bayans | Dars-e-Hadith | Short post-Taraweeh Talks | Dars-e-Imaan | And more…

Latest Audio

Recorded Title (Click to Play, Right-Click to Download) Categories Length
23-03-2017 Doing Tazkiyah to Increase in our Relationship with Allah Short Talks 27' 08"
18-03-2017 Fighting against Sins General Talks 39' 54"
18-03-2017 Weakened Yaqeen General Talks 54' 43"
17-03-2017 “Only” and “Also” General Talks 70' 51"
12-03-2017 Being the Ummah General Talks 55' 05"

Recently Uploaded

Title (Click to Play, Right-Click to Download) Categories Length
Power of Being Alone General Talks 70' 24"
How to be Good with Others General Talks 74' 00"
Being Talib of Hidayat [Majlis] General Talks 82' 38"
Junoon and Jazba for Deen [Majlis] General Talks 66' 41"
Ishq-e-Rasool ﷺ Urdu Talks 103' 10"