Karachi: Spiritually Uplifting Program by Our Shaykh & Patron – Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (db)

Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed, Zaynab Academy Karachi & Ihsan Academy Karachi
Invite you to a spiritually uplifting program of their beloved Shaykh & Patron

Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (db)

Time: Approximately 8 pm Pakistan Time (after Isha Salah)
(Due to possible shortage of space, we strongly advise people to reach the venue immediately after Maghrib Salah)

Date: Saturday, 22nd November, 2014.
Venue: Kalat House, Main Gizri (Behind Total petrol pump), Phase 5, DHA.
Details: 0334 3301443 (men), 0335 269695 (women)

Talks from South Africa I’tikaf

Click here for 2014 I'tikaf talks.  

Alhamdulillah, Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed spent the last 10 days of Ramadan in South Africa. All the talks from this trip are now available.

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