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Talks from South Africa I’tikaf

Alhamdulillah, Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed spent the last 10 days of Ramadan in South Africa. All the talks from this trip are now available. Please read on for more information.

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Latest Audio

Recorded Title (Click to Play, Right-Click to Download) Categories Length
27-07-2014 29th Ramadan – Dars-e-Imaan South Africa I'tikaf 12' 02''
05-07-2014 Tafsir Surah Yusuf Dawra Tafsir (English) 149' 35"
30-06-2014 How To Feel The Quran General Talks 81' 48"
29-06-2014 A Pure Heart General Talks 37' 70"
28-06-2014 Valuing our Iman General Talks 24' 30"

Recently Uploaded

Title (Click to Play, Right-Click to Download) Categories Length
Polishing Our Hearts General Talks 58' 25"
The Missing Ingredient of Ikhlas General Talks 46' 39"
The Need To Make Effort General Talks 44' 19"
Working For Allahs Forgiveness General Talks 53' 48"
How Much Taqwa Should We Have Short Talks 33' 05"